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Question: When should I plant my onions?

Answer: Bulbing  onions should be planted from bundled transplants 6 to 8 weeks prior to the average date of the last killing freeze in your area.
(The Average Last Freeze March 22 in Grayson County)

Question: How deep do I set the onion transplants?

Answer: Onion plants should be placed approximately 1" deep or at least deep enough to support the plant and keep it from falling  over.

Question:  Should I break over the tops of my onion plants to get a larger bulb?
Answer:  Breaking over the tops of onion plants will not increase bulb size ... but can actually prevent bulb enlargement.  Onion bulbs increase in size as sugars manufactured in the top are translocated to the bulb.  If the tops are broken, this process stops and the bulbs get no larger.

Question:  Why do Onions send up flower Stalks .... and Should I remove the flower stalks from my onion Plants ?? 

Answer:   Flowering of onions can be caused by several things, usually temperature fluctuations.  If an onion plant is exposed to alternating cold and warm temperatures, it begins a cycle of going dormant, resuming growth, going dormant, and then resuming frowth again.  This makes the plants flower or bolt prematurely.  

Once the onion plants have bolted, there is nothing you can do to eliminate this problem.  The bulbs wi

Question: My onions have grown well. How can I tell when it’s time to harvest them?

Answer: Harvest bulbing onions once two-thirds of their tops have fallen to the ground. Dig the bulbs and lay them out on top of the ground to dry for a couple of days. Lay their foliage over their tops to prevent sunscald. Don’t water them for a few days prior to harvest, and move them into the garage if there is threat of rain. Moisture promotes decay during storage. Store them cool and absolutely dry.Type your paragraph here.

Question:  What is the difference between Green Onions and Leeks ?

Answer:  A leek has a much milder flavor than an onion.  The term scallion describes leeks and green onions.